Winnipeg Stop SodaStream News: We Need more signatures on our petition!

Good Morning everyone!

If you are taking a moment to read this blog, please also take a moment to log on to and sign our petition, entitle Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights. The link is on this site.

The more people we have signing the stronger the case we can make to Winnipeg retailers that they should stop carrying this product!

What can you do to draw attention to illegal West Bank settlement products like SodaStream in your community? All the major retailers sell this product, specifically, Wal-Mart, the Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters, as well as Future Shop and even Canadian Tire now have SodaStream on their shelves. My partner and I have contacted managers of all these stores in Winnipeg and asked them to pull SodaStream from their shelves, please feel free to do the same in your community. Let retailers know that opposition to SodaStream is growing! Remember, you can do this! When my partner and I began our campaign there was only 2 of us but I do believe we are making a difference. Remember, it starts with one person who wants to make change! Please sign our petition today! Thank you.

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