United Church of Canada Challenges Companies to Move Business Out of West Bank

Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights is thrilled to learn that more religious institutions are joining the movement to divest from settlement goods, as a way to first of all, put pressure on Israel to halt settlement development and second, to pressure companies currently operating in the West Bank in violation of international law, to move their operations within the Green Line.

The United Church of Canada Campaign is asking SodaStream, Ahava and Kefer Plastics labels to pull their business out of the West Bank before asking its congregants to reject products from these companies.

The church sent letters to all of the companies asking them to move operations out of the West Bank. Wendy Gichuru, the program coordinator of Africa and Middle Easter partnerships for the United Church, says: “At the moment the church has embarked on a careful campaign to proceed by approaching companies active in the settlements, whose products are available in Canada,” Gichuru said
The campaign is called “Unsettling Goods:Choose Peace in Palestine and Israel”, and focuses on illegal settlements and the obstacles they pose for peace.

In related news….the Swedish company AssAbloy, recently moved out of the Markan Industrial Zone to a site within the Green Line. Unilever also moved out of the Barkan Zone. Finally, Deutsche Bahn pulled out of a controversial Israeli railway project!

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