Unilever Moves Production Out of West Bank

Unilever Moves Out of West Bank

Ongoing pressure, thanks to the BDS movement and fear of consumer boycotts, has causes countless companies to pull their operations from a variety of Israeli settlements to locations within the Green Line.

In February, Unliever confirmed it is no longer operating two production lines of the snack food company Beigel and Beigel. The snack food company was located in Barkan, the industrial zone of the illegal Israeli settlement Ariel, in the Occupied West Bank. The company’s production lines have been transferred to the Unilever plant in Safed, behind the Green Line.

The Dutch group United Civilians for Peace began pressuring Unilever about their Barkan factory in 2006. In 2008 both the French supermarket group Carrefour and British department store Harrods boycotted the snacks.

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