The United Methodist Church and the Caterpillar Divestmenet

The United Methodist Church and the Caterpillar Divestment

David Wildman, a Methodist human rights activist said BDS works, it is a nonviolent protest and it’s moral, it’s also something churches have done before and it’s response to calls for action from Israeli and Palestinian civil society
Wildman stated that the boycott of Caterpillar was not to punish it but to stop it from selling Israel bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes and trees he regrets that millions of dollars of United Methodist pension funds have been invested in Caterpillar and Motorola, which makes fuses for cluster bombs.

In recent years 10 different United Methodist regional groups have adopted divestment resolutions against companies profiting from Israeli occupation.

“Divestment isn’t about being anti-Israel, it’s about being against practices like building settlements on someone else’s land at gunpoint, which is unacceptable or against Hewlett Packard whose hand scanners are used at the Bethlehem checkpoint to scan only Palestinian hands.

From the Washington Report September/Oct 2009

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