The Political Response to Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights

Responses From Politicians That Were Contacted for This Campaign

All politicians were asked to speak out against illegal, West Bank settlement goods in our community and to advocate for Made in Occupied Territory labelling (like what the South African government is now doing). The business leaders were asked to specifically address SodaStream’s ongoing presence at the James A. Richardson International Airport as the company has been allowed to have several product displays over the past year and now has a permanent video display at the baggage retrieval area (which I just saw on Saturday). All people listed below were asked to sign our petition at listed as Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights.

Lieutenant Governor Philip Lee’s Office wrote back with the following: “The Lieutenant Governor does not have the authority to influence politcal decisions or matters but rather must remain from any political involvement in order to maintain a neutral and objective role.” from the Lt Governor’s Chief of Staff and Private Secretary

From Premier Greg Selinger’s Office: They asked that we contact Christine Payne from the Winnipeg Airport Authority (WAA) I have not done so because I had already contacted Barry Rempel, CEO of WAA who has yet to respond in any way.
This was Premier Selinger’s response to our campaign:

“the provincial government has no bearing on SodaStream’s display at the James A. Richardson International Airport”.

I had written back and only received acknowledgement of my last letter April 3.

Mr. Steve Ashton (Min of Transportation) who I assume has some responsibility for the airport responded to say they had forwarded our package to Mr. Jim Rondeau (Minister Responsible for Healthy Living and Consumer Affairs).

We had already contacted Minister Rondeau for this campaign, and received no response or acknowledgement of any kind that he had even received our package.

Mr. Peter Bjornson Minister of Entrepreuership Training and Trade only responded with an acknowledgement to our original package in January. We are in the process of recontacting him.

Mr. Brian Pallister, Leader of the Official Opposition, only acknowledged receipt of our original information package in February, no response since (he has now been contacted twice).

Politicans, Community and Business Leaders Who have Not Responded At All to Packages that Were Sent to Them About Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights

    Winnipeg City Councillors/and the Mayor of Winnipeg

1. Ms. Jenni Gerbasi, City Councillor, Fort Rouge (contacted twice, no response)
2. Mr. Harvey Smith, City Councillor (contacted twice, no response)
3. His Worship Sam Katz, Mayor of Winnipeg (contacted twice, no response)

    Members of the Manitoba Legislature


1. Mr. Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley (contacted twice, no response)
2. Ms. Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada (contacted twice, no response)
3. Mr. Jim Rondeau, Minister of Healthy Living and Consumer Affairs (contacted twice, no response)

    Federal Politicans

1. Mr. Pat Martin, NDP MP (contacted twice, no response)
2. Ms. Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada (contacted twice, no response)

    Business Leaders

Who Have Not Responded
1. Mr. Hartley Richardson (contacted twice) no response
2. Mr.Barry Rempel (CEO Winnipeg Airport Authority) no response
Community Leaders

    Activists and Community Leaders

1. Ms. Marianne Cerilli, Community Activist (contacted twice, no response)
2. Ms. Shahina Siddiqui (contacted twice)
3. Ms. Lesley Hughes journalist/activist, she has spoken out against the Occupation in the past (contacted twice)
4. Mr. David Matas, Human Rights Lawyer and President, B’nai Brith

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