The Dirty Legacy Veolia in Winnipeg

The Dirty Legacy of Veolia in Winnipeg

Veolia Environment is the biggest water services company in the world. Based in Paris, Veolia operates in 66 countries around the world.

Other cities may be chasing Veolia out of town, In Winnipeg Veolia currently acts as a consultant for the city’s water supply. Here in Winnipeg, there is a 30 year deal in place with the French multinational. What you all already know of course is that Veolia in continually involved in building and supporting infrastructure in illegal settlements in the West Bank.

As someone who is a proud Winnipegger and who loves her city, it is disgraceful to me that our city continues this relationship when Veolia is directly involved in the oppression of the Palestinian people and the theft of their resources.

I regularly read about American cities protesting Veolia’s management of their transportation and other public services, while here in Winnipeg Veolia’s contract continues.

Here are several ways Veolia contributes to the illegal settlements:

• Veolia has built a tramway linking the illegal settlements in East Jerusalem with Israel
• Veolia operates bus services for Israeli settlers, running them between the illegal settlements and Israel. Veolia buses also use portions of roads that are closed off to Palestinians. Moreover, Palestinians are not allowed to use Veolia-operated buses
• Veolia collects refuse from illegal settlements through its subsidiary TMM.
• Veolia also operates the Ayalon wastewater treatment plant which is located in a settlement bloc, Modiin Illit, between the Green Line and the Apartheid Wall.

For more information please link to:

Veolia’s Illegal Activities from Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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