Say No to SodaStream Say Yes! to Human Rights Source Materials

SodaStream: Sources and References

Please check out the following sources and references we used in launching this campaign and, to also learn more about SodaStream the company.

    Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights


Palestine in Pieces – [impact of the wall and Israeli settlement zones] by Kathleen and Bill Christison [Pluto Press 2009]

Palestine Inside Out – by Sareed Makidsi [W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2008]

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – by William L. Shirer [Simon & Schuster 1959]

Part 2 – Czechoslovakia Ceases to Exist [pg.169-174].
Part 3 – Sitzrieg in the West [pg.41-46].

The copy I used for my research was a 4 volume edition published by the Folio Society in 2004.

Young Mandela – by David James Smith [Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2010].

Magazine & Newspaper Articles:

Canadian Dimension Magazine – SodaStream – Clean but Definitely Not Green. – by Theresa Wolfwood Spring 2012 issue.

The Independent – Denmark and Sweden Take the Lead on Labelling. – by Donald MacIntyre – July 9, 2012.

Mojo Magazine – Another Country – Musician Paul Simon on the 25 th. Anniversary of the Graceland Album recorded in 1985 in South Africa with South African musicians and details on apartheid. – by David Hutcheon – July 2012

Tikkun Magazine – Open Letter to Presbyterian Clergy from two Jewish Social Justice Advocates. by Rae Abileah – July 11, 2012.

Twin Cities Daily Planet – Free Speech Zone, SodaStream is Outside Mainstream. – by Jordan Ash – September 11, 2012.

Washington Report Magazine – September/October 2010 – Information on BDS and church protests against the occupation.

Washington Report Magazine – May 2012 – Information on the wall and the livelihood of agricultural workers.

Washington Report Magazine – October 2012 – Information on a protest against SodaStream in Washington, D.C. by Jewish Voice for Peace.

Internet Sources: – Israel: Follow the Money – An interview with Daniel Birnbaum on ABC Australia Television. – by Eric Campbell. September 20, 2011. – On the Palestinian Israeli conflict and Middle East information on SodaStream’s Mishor Adumin factory. – SodaStream to Open Plant Within Green Line but Not Closing Settlement Operations. – by Tania Kepler. – Information on wages for Palestine. – European Union Eyes Exports from Industrial Zones. – Bloomberg Business Week – by Christoph Schult. – SodaStream Plans to Enter U.S. Grocery and Drug Stores in 2014. – Bloomberg News – by Matthew Boyle.\canada\apartheid\south-african-sanctions-lifted.html – Canada in the 1980s assumed a leading role in forcing economic sanctions against South Africa…. – Peter Mansbridge interviews Jason Kenney. – February 15, 2011. – Dear Corporation: A Response to SodaStream. – September 21, 2012. – Israeli Apartheid Profiteer SodaStream Opens New Store in Brighton. – August 17, 2012. – Occupation Industries – The Israeli Industrial Zones. – Corporate Watch. – South Africa: What’s in a label? – by Neve Gordon – June 14, 2012. – Swedish Chain Kicks Out Drink Machines Made in Israeli Settlements. – by Stephanie Westbrook – August 29, 2011. – Join the Stream – SodaStream’s phony commitment to the environment and real violations of international law. – by Stephanie Westbrook – June 1, 2012. – EU working on consumer labels for Israeli settlement products. – by Andrew Reitman – September 4, 2012. – Denmark is funding… – by Andrew Reitman – September 14, 2012. – For information on wages in West Bank settlements. – For information on Human Rights and Palestinian labourers in the West Bank. – Article on United Church of Canada’s vote to boycott settlement products. – by Michael Posner – The Globe and Mail – August 17, 2012. – Globes – Israel’s Business Arena – SodaStream breaks ground for Negev factory. – July 6, 2011. – Denmark to Ban Labelling West Bank products as Made in Israel. – by Amira Hass, Barak Ravid and Anshel Pfeffer – Haaretz – May 19, 2012. – Human Rights Watch Report: Separate and Unequal, the Jahalin Bedouin and Ma’ale Adumin. – December 2010. – Human Rights Watch Report: Israel/West Bank – Separate and Unequal, Under Discriminatory Policies Settlers Flourish, Palestinians Suffer. – December 19, 2010. – Apartheid retarded the development of a black consumer market, depressed demand and threatened domestic stability. – Studies in Sanctions and Terrorism. The United Nations v. South Africa [1962 – 1994 – Apartheid: Namibia] The Peterson Institute for International Economics. – Situation of Workers in the Occupied Arab Territories. – by Juan Somavia – First published 2006 – Director General International Labour Office. – Innovative Minds website. – Cabinet ended all government sponsored commercial activities involving South Africa and invited Canadians to impose sanctions in September. – July 1985. – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said if South Africa did not change its ways it was possible Canada might impose total sanctions and even break off relations with Pretoria. – October 1985. – In 1986 Prime Minister Brian Mulroney confronted Prime Minister Thatcher who remained anti-sanctions. – June 1986. – Canada lifted sanctions against South Africa under Prime Minister Kim Campbell. – 1993. – Palestinian Workers in Israeli West Bank Settlements. – From Kav LaOved 2009. – On wages for West Bank labourers, specifically at SodaStream. – On SodaStream and illegal settlements. – Soda Without Settlements. – The IOC said their decision to ban South Africa would only be overturned, if South Africa renounced racial discrimination in sport, the government was not prepared to permit multi-racial sport. – Palestinian Workers’ Rights: A Report Commissioned by the Palestinian Human Rights Working Group. – by Jacob Avis & William Avis May 2010. – On illegal settlements and SodaStream. – On wages and working conditions. – In 1992 the Olympic ban on South Africa was lifted prior to the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. They were invited to 1968 games in Mexico but this elicited such sharp protests from Black African countries who threatened to withdraw if South Africa participated that the IOC was obliged to withdraw its invitation.

SodaStream International Limited – Annual Report – June 30, 2011.\news\sport\team-sa-medals – There was a ban on South Africa’s participation from 1964 – 1992 because of the country’s policy on racial segregation. – Tikkun Magazine – July 11, 2012. – UN and Refugees. – On United Nations Resolution 242.

whoprofits/org/sites/default/files/sodastream – Production in Settlements: The Case of SodaStream. – “The Israeli Occupation Industries”.

Palestinian Economy: – American Task Force on Palestine. – Imagining a Palestinian Economy.

Palestine in Pieces [impact of the wall and Israeli settlement zones] – by Kathleen and Bill Christison – Pluto Press 2009.

Health Section: – 10 Foods You Should Avoid [on Acesulfame Potassium] – by Cynthia Reynolds – May 24, 2012. – Center for Science in the Public Interest – Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks. – by Sarah Kobylewski – June 2010. – On SodaStream and sugar content. – by Marion Nestle. – Proposal to Improve Food Colouring Labelling Requirements. – Health Canada. and\20089\23 – Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health & Splenda for information research on Splenda’s safety.

Additional Resources: – Trade with Israeli Settlements.

Note: There are a variety of spellings for Mishor Adumin, Mishor Edomim also seems to be commonly used, however, I have chosen the spelling Theresa Wolfwood uses in her Canadian Dimension article [Spring 2012] about SodaStream.

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