Please Don’t Buy Sabra or Tribe Hummus!

I recently read about the Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights boycott of Sabra and Tribe Hummus. While these products are not made in illegal settlements, but the companies are Israeli-based and profits go back into supporting the Jewish National Fund as well as the Israeli military.

I have bought Sabra Hummus, before I ever knew about their involvement in the oppression of Palestinians. This product is hard to avoid because it is everywhere and sold in all major grocery stores in Winnipeg.

Sabra is owned by Pepsi and the Strauss Group. Strauss is known for suorting the Israeli Army’s Golani Brigade which has a history of human rights abuses against Palestinians.

Tribe Mediterranean Foods is owned by an Israeli-based organization, the Osem Group. which is actually the largest exporter if Israeli food products to the U.S. Osem is key supporter and partner of the Jewish National Fund an organization that controls 93% of the land within Israel and its illegal settlements, land by law that only Jewish people can rent or work on. The JNF has also planted parks and forests to hide the remains of hundreds of Palestinian villages that were destroyed and their occupants driven out between 1948 and 1951.

Watch for our next post about Yes to Carrots Skincare Products!

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