MacDonald’s Shunning West Bank

I’ll Take Fries With That! MacDonald’s Shunning the West Bank….

Although I am not a regular MacDonald’s customer, I was thrilled to hear that a MacDonald’s licensee in Israel refused to open a restaurant in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

The licensee, Omri Padan, is also a cofounder of Peace Now, an Israeli group that is opposed to Jewish settlements in Occupied Palestine.

More Businesses Severing Ties With The Occupation….

According to the article “Who Supports Divestment” on the United Methodist Kairos Response web site, dozens of companies have now or are in the process of moving their operations out of the West Bank.

For example, Group Danone-parent company of Dannon Company Inc., is moving out, meaning we can finally eat Danone yogurt again!

Marks and Spencer, long known for their Zionist involvement are also moving operations and Heineken Breweries has announced it will move its subsidiary from the West Bank.

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