Inside the SodaStream Factory: The Report from Electronic Intifada

There is a full discrimination against the Muslim workers and are denied our right to practice our religion.” -SodaStream labourer “M” talking about conditions inside SodaStream’s Mishor Adumin factory

Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights recently learned about an 8 minute You Tube video that boasts, among other things, about the exemplary working conditions inside its Mishor Adumin Industrial Park factory.

Electronic Intifada recently spoke with a SodaStream employee named M. spoke about conditions within the SodaStream factory if he was guaranteed anonymity.
The key points that Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights took away from the interview were as follows:

1. Only a fraction of the Palestinian employees hold higher level positions at SodaStream and there are none at all in management.

2. Most Israelis are hired through the company directly while West Bank Palestinians require a special permit to be employed. M. also said that Palestinian workers from Jerusalem, along with immigrant workers and African Jews, work through external manpower companies and may be hired after nine months if they turn out to be good workers. Otherwise, they are let go.

3. M. also cites cases where Muslim workers were not allowed to pray on the job. “There is a full discrimination against the Muslim workers and we are denied our right to practice our religion.” M. states for those Palestinians who work on the assembly line, restrictions are especially severe and they are only allowed to pray “during their lunch break”. Labourers also said their prayer mats were hidden in an attempt to prevent them from praying.

4. M. also described the working day at the factory as being “from work to bed” with little free time. Labourers also end up working 60 hour work weeks, the work 4 days at 12 hours per day, then get 2 days off, totalling 60 hours in a seven-day period. According to Israel’s Hours of Work and Rest Law, the average of three work weeks shall not exceed 45 working hours per week. The workers also do not receive overtime pay or extra pay for working night shifts. Because the Palestinian labourers are not permitted to live in the illegal Israeli settlement they also have to travel another two hours to return to their homes.

5. Women workers are also expected work both night shifts and 12 hour shifts.

With specific details like this there is more reason than ever to demand retailers remove SodaStream from their store shelves, SodaStream not only stands in violation of the Geneva Convention, they are also violating Israel’s own labour laws! Please tell your friends and family about this product and advise them to tell others to join the protest as well!

Please go to our petition today at under the title Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights and show your support! Please also see your blog under on Word Press.

Thank you

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