And the Silence on Gaza Continues….

And the silence on Gaza Continues…..

Our local paper, The Winnipeg Free Press, which boasts a national readership, just recently invited readers to submit a Reader’s Choice “Story of the Year”. There were stories to choose from in three categories: Top Local Story, Top National Story and Top International Story.

The Top International Story category featured only four possible options: The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the Global Threat Posed by IS, Putin and Ebola. There was also an Other category.

Glaringly absent from from the choices was of course Israel’s vicious assault on the people of Gaza this past summer,-and the numbers speak for themselves as to why this should be a Top Story in the Winnipeg Free Press: 2,131 Palestinians were killed during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, and this number includes 501 children. There were 11,000 people wounded and more than 100,000 estimated to be homeless because of these attacks.

These are large numbers of people and yet this human rights travesty in Gaza does not even warrant a place on the list in the Winnipeg Free Press’ choice for International Story of the Year.

The reason why is no mystery. The powers that be do not want us, meaning Winnipeggers and Canadians, to remember the slaughter in Gaza this past summer. They don’t want us to remember how Israel destroyed UN schools as well as medical facilities in direct violation of international human rights law. They don’t want the public to realize that this has been Israel’s 12th war on Gaza since 1948.

But we do remember. For those of us who care about the people of Gaza and all Palestinians living in the diaspora how can we forget?

This holiday season, if you don’t already, consider giving to a charity that acknowledges Palestine’s existence and supports the rebuilding of Gaza. Right now international groups estimate that rebuilding Gaza could take up to 20 years.

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