Gaza 2014- A Poem by Jennifer Bodnaruk

Gaza 2014

when you feel powerless you write

poetry as if putting the words to paper

makes any kind of difference

as though the words

gaza children war crimes

in a poem will really make people question

right & wrong justice & injustice humanity & inhumanity

the woman in the crowd is holding a sign

Israel Wants Peace is the message

but what does that even mean here?

how is it relevant?

when children are dying in gaza

& it’s times like these that i just want

to scream a poem out a poem with words like:

these are war crimes & the people

have a right the people have the right

to defend themselves

& quiet recitation seems somehow pointless

it distracts & makes no difference since they’ll think

we will just go away as quietly as we arrived

instead the only purpose for our words now

must be to move people

to action

that’s the poem i want write

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