From Winnipeg to Gaza….the View From Here

From Winnipeg to Gaza…The View From Here

Children on the beach collecting shells. Innocent children, living as children. Carefree, if only for a moment, until they were killed in Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza.

Previously, I wrote about our recent rally in support of the people of Gaza who have been under attack since July 7. It is during times like this-when we see everyone’s true colours-including those in power. Currently almost 2,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed in Israeli attacks, the majority of victims are civilians.

On Monday, July 21, a rally was held in Winnipeg to support Israel at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The museum is set to open this September.

My immediate reaction to this is why a human rights museum would support a rally for those who are launching a war against innocent people? Why would a human rights museum that also states it intends to play an educational role in Manitoba schools allow such a rally? A rally that supports the current invasion and attack on Gaza and its people?

Israel attacks children, indiscriminately. In their beds, while they play. In their own homes.

Imagine any other population-being attacked by an occupying power and the world standing by, especially when the vast majority of people who have died in Gaza have been women and children.

In South Africa the world did play witness to brutal oppression-but at that time many countries responded by sanctioning South Africa for their behaviour, as way to shut down their economy.

Similarly, the cultural and consumer boycott of Israel and of goods produced in the OPT by Israel is growing more powerful every day, and Israel fears it. These include products such as SodaStream as well as cosmetics produced using Dead Sea salts like the Ahava line. Furthermore, in order to turn world opinion against BDS, Israel and its supporters spread the message that BDS is anti-Semitic, even though countless Jewish peace groups who oppose the occupation also support BDS.

At our rally, the organizers addressed the importances of actions like BDS as a way to protest the occupation and ultimately damage the Israeli economy. They encouraged activists to continue their boycott actions

There are 1.7 million people living in Gaza with nowhere to go.

Maybe those who atttended Winnipeg’s rally for Israel at the CMHR should think about that for moment.

The politicians who turned up to support Israel’s actions were not surprisingly from the Conservative Party. Federal Heritage Minister Shelly Glover attended as did MP Ted Falk.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. One of the biggest issues is the Israeli government and military accusing Hamas of causing the death and destruction in Gaza that Israel itself is solely responsible for.

In the majority of the articles I have read nowhere is it mentioned that the people of Gaza democratically elected Hamas in 2007. Hamas did not seize power as the western media likes to report, but who is going to correct them.

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