Things Are Getting Stranger in Winnipeg….

Re: ‘Walk the Talk Solidarity Mission to Israel’

It’s getting stranger in Winnipeg..

We recently learned about a very disturbing idea. A local woman had proposed that a group of like-minded Jews travel to Tel Aviv for what they termed “an emergency mission”. But this was not to support Palestinians under attack in Gaza. No, the goal of the mission was the complete opposite.

It was going to be a trip to support Israel and visit injured soldiers. Thankfully, the trip was cancelled because Faintuch’s group (joint effort of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and the Centre for Isael and Jewish Affairs) did not receive the show of support she thought it would.

This could be for many reasons, but two that popped to my mind were, local Jewish people support Israel but are terrified to travel there now because of the violence, or most likely, some actually feel uncomfortable with Faintuch’s complete support for what Israel is doing in Gaza-namely, committing war crimes.

Mark Golden, an editor of the Jewish magazine, Outlook, said he wonders what the Israeli government would do if more Jews said, “I can’t support that”. He adds that with the current bombings of schools and the slaughter of so many children, people haven’t reached that point.

And it’s not just the Jewish community. People everywhere must take a strong stand against Israel’s actions in Gaza and say “not in my name”.

As an aside,

Folklorama… Winnipeg our annual global cultural festival is about to start, featuring pavilions from countries around the world, serving up food and entertainment. Of course there has never been a Palestine pavilion at Folkorama, and no Arab countries are ever represented. What’s worse, the Israel pavilion has appropriated all of its food from Middle Eastern countries and is promoting this food as being uniquely Jewish/Israeli.

For example, the Israel pavilion will be serving falafel (which is Lebanese) hummus and pita bread.

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