In Solidarity With Palestine: Rally in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on July 19

From Winnipeg to Gaza: In Solidarity With Palestine Rally Report from Saturday, July 19

This past Saturday, July 19, we gathered with about 400 other supports in front of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg to rally for Palestine and oppose Israel’s siege on Gaza and Israel’s recent attacks.

What struck me was the diversity of the crowd, all ages were represented and as I watched the young children with their parents, waving their Palestinian flags or carrying their Free Palestine signs, I thought of all the children in Gaza who are not safe and cannot play and cannot laugh.

Before the crowd dispersed for a march, we observed a moment of silence for all those who had died in Gaza. Previous to that, a young man read allowed the names of all those who had died in Gaza just on Friday (July 18). The event organizers said because of time constraints they would only read the names of those killed in Gaza from the previous day. And so many had already been killed in Gaza by Saturday.

The leader of the Communist Party in Manitoba was the politician to attend the rally and speak out for human rights. He is a true advocate for human rights and social justice. Predictably, two Federal Conservative politicians did attend a rally supporting Israel on Monday, July 21.

Saturday was beautiful, sunny day in Winnipeg and we were able to move freely on a short march through the downtown city streets, so unlike the experience of Palestinians, surrounded by the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank and trapped in Gaza with nowhere to hide from Israeli attacks.

On a positive note, the rally was a great show of support for Palestinians who have been living under Israel’s blockade for almost 8 years, ever since 2007 when they democratically elected Hamas to represent them.

It was also reassuring to hear the honks of support from passing vehicles, some drivers even flashing a peace sign our way. These are not stories you hear in the mainstream media.

Numbers from today, July 24 report 687 Palestinians killed and more than 3600 wounded.

Please, take a moment of silence each day to remember those who have died fighting for freedom and a homeland for their children in Palestine.

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