Our Response to Reader Comments on Sephora

Recently I received a comment on this blog about a post I had written a while back, criticizing the cosmetics firm Sephora for stocking the illegal settlement skin care line Ahava.

As an aside, I still have a Sephora loyalty card but have not shopped at the store since I learned they carry Ahava. As consumers, just simple decisions like holding our dollars back from a retailer and making a conscious decisions to shop elsewhere can make a difference!

Recently I received notice of a comment on the blog, which roundly criticized what I had written about Sephora/Ahava. The comment writer proceeded to label those who support and advocate for BDS thugs.

I have since deleted this person’s comments as I found them offensive and it is counter productive to reprint them here. But I do want to address them. This person labelled BDS anti-Semitic but he should realize that many of those who support BDS are indeed Jewish. For example Noam Chomsky is a vocal BDS supporter as is Jewish Voices for Peace and here in Canada, Canadian Jewish Voices for Peace.

Furthermore, BDS is also supported by countless Christian organizations. We believe this gives the movement credence and we support boycotts of Israeli products produced in illegal settlements, divestments from investments in Israeli firms (ie. Pension funds) and sanctions against Israeli companies that operate illegally in the settlements (like SodaStream, Ahava, and many others). However, as this blog has reported many high profile companies have made the choice to cease their settlement operations and move their production to within the green line. Change is possible.

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