SodaStream and Cyclamate

SodaStream and Cyclamate

Hello Everyone! We hope you will find the following information about SodaStream and its use of cyclamate very interesting and that you will spread the word about this controversial ingredient!

Specifically, Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! To Human Rights has learned that the banned sweetener cyclamate is making a comeback and is actually an ingredient listed on some SodaStream syrups….

As some of you know, the FDA banned cyclamate in foods in 1969. Now, there is petition pending with the FDA to once again approve cyclamate’s use, although apparently it is not actively being considered.

Currently, foods that are found to contain cyclamate are considered to be in violation of the FDA’s tampering and alternation policy. From what we have learned, this includes some SodaStream syrups that list sodium cyclamate as an ingredient.

Therefore, at present SodaStream is in violation of the FDA’s tampering and alteration policy!

Risks Associated With Cyclamate:

According to a study published in Toxicological Sciences, cyclamate increased the risk of bladder cancer in animals (if mixed with saccharin) testicular atrophy and affected sperm maturation in a subset of monkeys fed cyclamate over a long period of time.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CPSI) website states that cyclamate or any of its byproducts are not believed to cause cancer directly but to increase the potency of other carcinogens and to harm the testes.

CPSI classifies cyclamate as an artificial sweetener everyone should avoid.

 For your records, here is a list of SodaStream syrups that I found list sodium cyclamate as an ingredient:

SodaStream Functional Xstream Energy Syrup, SodaStream Diet Cola Syrup, SodaStream Honey Dew Melon Limited Edition Syrup and SodaStream Cola Free. To read the ingredient lists for these syrups, please see:




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