The Dirty Origins of Jaffa Oranges

Why is it still permissible to sell Settlement products in Europe? Chris Doyle asks this question in his article Forget Boycotts, Israeli settlement Goods Should Be Banned and of course, the same question must be asked of Canada and the U.S.

Doyle writes that settlement goods are products of crime, trade in illicit goods, products of an exploitation of people under Military Occupation and their resources. At best Britain and Denmark have introduced voluntary labelling to make sure consumers know what they are buying.

As was revealed in a ground breaking report by twenty-two Non Government Organizations [NGOs] in 2012, the European Union imports fifteen times more from Settlements than it does from Palestinians. The reason why BDS started was because the international community failed, failed and failed again to hold Israel accountable to International Law.

Furthermore, other States could also be put in this category but nonetheless such civil society action is a product of the failure of the international system so far.

Read more from: Forget Boycotts, Israeli Settlement Goods Should be Banned by Chris Doyle on

And the opposition to settlement goods is affecting Israel’s economy…..According to the Guardian, in 2013 Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley lost $29m or 14 per cent of their income because supermarkets in the UK and Scandanavia rejected their peppers, dates and grapes.

Now, if only we would see the same actions in our Canadian grocery stores, very recently I saw a prominent display of Jaffa oranges in my neighbourhood Sobeys store.
Of course these oranges were grown on an illegal settlement and possibly harvested by low-paid Palestinian, working for Israelis on their own land which is now illegally occupied. I have since confirmed that the oranges do come from an Israeli owned company that operates in settlements, harvesting dates, grapes, oranges and vegetabless. If you see Jaffa oranges in your grocery stores, please write a letter or bring it to the manager’s attention!

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