Scarlett Johannson and Oxfam Part Ways Over SodaStream Promotions!

Oxfam and Scarlett Johannson have ended their relationship because of her recent word promoting SodaStream.

The Associated Press reported that Oxfam said it believes SodaStream and other businesses operating in Israeli settlements in the West Bank contribute to the “denial of rights to the Palestinian communities that we work to support”. Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! To Huma Rights couldn’t agree more, Hopefully the news of Oxfam’s decision will raise more awareness about SodaStream and the company’s illegal operations meaning fewer consumers will purchase SodaStream

Johannson, however, clearly does not see any problem with becoming a spokesperson for SodaStream, an occupation profiteer, as she was quoted as saying:

“I remain a supporter of economic co-operation and social interaction between a democratic Israel and Palestine.”

If this is truly the case, we have to ask: Why are you a spokesperson for SodaStream? How can Johannson not understand that by supporting an Israeli company operating illegally in the West Bank she is directly financially to ongoing settlement expansion, further loss of Palestinian land and she herself is therefor a threat to a future Palestinian state?

For the time being, please boycott Johannson’s films and if you can send her a tweet or email expressing your disappointment it would be much appreciated.

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