Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights News…

In Other Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! To Human Rights News….

SodaStream Continues to Co-opt Green Movement….

If you’ve ever logged on to SodaStream’s web site, you can’t miss the counter at the top of the page, reminding you how of just how many billions of bottles SodaStream has saved the planet. Clearly this is just another slick marketing strategy by SodaStream as they have no way of ever proving this number. How can they assume that people who own a SodaStream unit no longer drink bottled water or bottled soft drinks at all? How can they assume that these consumers are solely using SodaStream?


The answer is easy: they can’t.


According to data we found on the Euromonitor International web site about soft drink  and bottled water consumption in Canada , in 2012 retail sales of bottled water were up by 2%. reaching 2.3 billion litres. So just how is SodaStream reducing bottled water consumption again?


This campaign has recently written to SodaStream’s Canadian President, Marta Mikita-Wilson, asking her to explain how she came up with her clearly inflated numbers.


In fact, SodaStream’s own web site states that 80% of plastic beverage bottles in the U.S do not get recyled, ending up in landfills. If this is the case, how is SodaStream doing anything to change this? Keep in mind SodaStream’s syrup bottles (which are made of a hard plastic), must be recycled, they cannot be reused. Considering the low recycling compliance in North America, chances are many consumers will just toss the empty SodaStream syrup bottles in the land fills. SodaStream is also making a big assumption that consumers who own a SodaStream are no longer drinking ANY bottled water or bottled soft drinks. There is no way they can prove this.

SodaStream shares in a slump….

SodaStream’s shares fell by as much as 23% at the beginning of January. On Monday, January 13 SodaStream’s share price closed at $38.83 on the Nasdaq.

SodaStream has said it expects the first half of 2014 to be a challenge because of sluggish U.S. Holiday sales.

In entertainment news….What’s Up With Scarlett Johansson? Maybe She Should Stick to Acting 

Scarlett Johansson has just been hired as SodaStream’s “brand ambassador”. “ScarJo” was quoted as saying  she feels “guiltless” when she drinks beverages produced by SodaStream.”

 Maybe she should do some research into the company’s illegal operations in Palestine before pouring herself another soda.

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