How SodaStream Continues to Exploit the Green Movement

How SodaStream Continues to Exploit the Green Movement

As a vegetarian, as well as someone who recycles, reuses and has never owned a car, I am deeply troubled by SodaStream’s exploitation and use of serious environmental issues for its own ends.

Moreover, I am shocked by green businesses that I once patronized here in Winnipeg, including Humboldt’s Legacy and Organza, that are stringent about all other aspects of their business (ie. Carrying only organics, etc.) yet they carry a tainted unethical product like SodaStream on their shelves because it claims to reduce waste. Because of their choice to sell SodaStream they have lost my business.

My question for these green businesess is, do they ever question SodaStream’s claims

Organza and Humboldt’s Legacy are only hurting their own respected reputations and setting themselves up to look like hypocrites by continuing to carry this product yet they continue to justify it, even though the production of the product itself directly leads to the oppression of the Palestinian labourers who manufacture this product while continuing to live under a 46 year occupation.

Moreover, businesses like Organza and Humboldt’s Legacy claim to carry nutritious, organic food because they are concerned about the health and well being of their customers, yet at the same time they carry a product that purposely deceives consumers about its origins: The Occupied Territories.

Ultimately, SodaStream links itself to green causes and progressive business like Humboldt’s Legacy in order to obfuscate the truth about the company’s illegal business in the West Bank. Intelligent progressive people like those who own and operate Humboldt’s Legacy and Organza should be able to see through SodaStream’s marketing scam

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