Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign

Of Interest to Boycotters…..

This campaign recently learned of The Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign.

“Minnesota has been investing public funds in Israel in clear contravention of Minnesota law”.-Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign member Susie Gad.

According to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the bonds are sold by Israel to finance infrastructure and economic development projects including bypass roads & settlement building in the West Bank. These illegal settlements of course displace Palestinians. The Minnesota Break the Bonds campaign demanded divestment from Israel back in 2011.

Minnesota also has a history of taking action against Apartheid states. For example, in 1987 Minnesota prohibited foreign and state investment in Apartheid South Africa, and in 2007 Minnesota also passed a law requiring the State Board of Investment to divest from any holdings in companies doing business in Sudan.

“By investing our money in the Israeli government, state policy makers are essentially making all Minnesotans complicit in an illegal and immoral occupation.”-Liz Geschiere, MNBBC.

Now if only Manitoba and Canada would follow the example of our southern neighours and say NO to investments in Apartheid states.

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