Boycott Terra 20

I just read about terra 20 an eco “superstore” in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The company features a variety of green products, and professes sustainability and reducing one’s carbon footprint, a noble concept, if it wasn’t for the fact that terra20 features, promotes and sells SodaStream. The Founder is Steve Kaminski. It is ironic that their mission statement says they strive for consumers and buyers to make informed decisions when shopping….and then terra20 insists on carrying a SodaStream, a product that is purposely mislabelled as Made in Israel to deceive consumers about its true origins, the illegal West Bank settlement of Mishor Adumin Industrial Park.

You can post a complaint on terra20’s web site, post a Twitter or Facebook comment about this, or write to Mr. Kaminski directly at:

terra 20
Head Office
Pinecrest Shopping Centre
2685 Iris St.
Ottawa, ONT
K2C 3S4

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