Netherlands Acts Against Trade With Illegal Settlements

Netherlands Becomes Latest Country to Act Against Trade With Illegal Settlements
March /2013

The Dutch government has announced it will introduce new guidance calling on retailers to label fresh produce from illegal Israeli settlements in a way that distinguishes it from products originating inside Israel.

“We do not want to contribute to the economy of the illegal settlements,” said foreign minister Frans Timmerman.

The Netherlands is actually a key desination for Israeli fresh produce and many Israeli export companies operate subsidiaries and distribution centres in the country.

Zaid Shuaibi, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee, said:

“It is truly heartening to see that European governments are starting to match their condemnation of Israel’s continued settlement expansion and the resulting human rights abuses with action targeting the financial transactions that allow illegal Israeli settlements to flourish.”

How Palestinain Farmers Are Affected By Illegal Settlement Produce

Palestinian farmers are affected by the illegal settlement produce simply because they are regularly forced from their land to make room for the crops grown on illegal settlements and then exported to European supermarkets.

The Co-operative supermarket in the UK announced last year it wouild no longer trade with any company exporting from settlements.

Dawood Hammoudeh, Executive Manager of the Palestinian Farmers Union said:

“As long as trade with Israeli settlement exporters such as Mehadrin and Hadiklaim is permitted, Palestinian farmers will continue to be forced from their land to make way for crops grown by illegal Israeli settlements for export to European supermarkets.”


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