SodaStream and Earth Day

Very disappointed to see SodaStrean promoted on Breakfast Television on Earth Day, they were promoting this product as beneficial to children and families.  Specifically, the presenter was promoting SodaStream’s version of Dr. Pepper which is no different than drinking Coke or Pepsi and cannot possibly be healthy for kids (or adults for that matter) and yet the SodaStream promoter states clearly that SodaStream is great for the cottage and for kids in the summertime! All we need are more children sitting on the couch drinking pop, is SodaStream not aware of the childhood obesity epidemic?

The segment also made no mention of where SodaStream units are manufactured. We have written to BT’s producer Ashley Bartecki making her aware of the facts about SodaStream’s illegal operations in the West Bank and we urge you to do the same.

Finally, we ask how can a product that travels across the ocean via container ship to arrive in North America be at all green? SodaStream has a very large carbon footprint indeed.

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