Update: Say No to SodaStream and Say Yes! to Human Rights Petition on gopetition

Support is growing for our petition! Please log on to gopetition.com today and sign if you have not already done so. Recently we were in touch with Australian Friends of Palestine Association,a group that has been running a campaign against Seacret, beauty products made from Dead Sea mud in direct violation of the Geneva convention (see my other post about Seacret) this same organization in Australia is about to start a campaign against SodaStream. They have signed our petition and posted the link on their Facebook page!

In other news…..so far no other politicians have responded to our letters yet aside from the Premier, Lieutenant Governor, Provincial Trade Minister, Mr. Peter Bjornson (his secretary wrote saying he had received our letter) and Progressive Conservative Brian Pallister’s office wrote to say they had also received our information.

In terms of businesses who have responded to us, to date, only one business that sells SodaStream has made a point of writing back to us. This was Humboldt’s Legacy in Wolseley. Sadly, the owners, Mr. Will Kurtz and his wife Chris, see nothing wrong with stocking SodaStream beverage makers and syrups in their store and when he wrote back to me he clearly stated they have no intention of not carrying these products. For those who aren’t aware, Humbolt’s Legacy markets itself as ethical, green and they do carry Fair Trade products, so it makes one ask….WHY ARE THEY SELLING SODASTREAM?

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